Hotel Fitness: The Dumbbell Contingency

Book Description
My name is John Stefansson and I know you. You are a Road Warrior. Road Warriors like you don't fear movement because travel is in your blood. Planning a family getaway? Simple. Red eye to Hong Kong? Easy. Conference call at 30,000 feet? Please.

So when it comes to getting in shape while on the road you don't make excuses. That's not your thing. No, your thing is getting results. That's why the Hotel Fitness series is the ace up your sleeve. The Hotel Fitness series has helped people around the world get in shape with effective routines that simply work. No BS. No “feel good routines” that get you nowhere. Hotel Fitness is the results oriented series that people like you demand.

The Dumbbell Contingency continues that tradition of excellence by giving you another way to exercise while traveling.

Look, I get it.

You don't want to do bodyweight exercises; you don't like them. It's cool.

That's why I wrote this book. The Dumbbell Contingency gives you the information you need to get actionable results from the dumbbells you find laying in every hotel gym. From how to properly perform exercises to important tips and tricks that have taken me years to develop; the Dumbbell Contingency is the real deal.

It even includes a time tested modular exercise routine that allows you to work hard while still maintaining maximum routine flexibility. What does that mean in simple terms? It means your exercise routine will be as flexible as you are and still be able to deliver no matter what the time constraints. And you will only find it in Hotel Fitness.

If that weren't enough, this book also grants you access to the exclusive mailing list that provides you with important updates and events that every Road Warrior should know about. Because getting in shape while traveling is not a fantasy.

It's Hotel Fitness.

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