The Mathematics of Real Estate Investing: Investment Models

Book Description
Real estate moguls know something that you don't. Real estate invseting is not about "falling in love with the place". It is not about "gut feelings" or intuition. The secret to being successful in real estate is simple:

Cold. Hard. Numbers.

The Mathematics of Real Estate Investing series ditches sketcky schemes and doesn't spout false strategies. Instead it gives you the precision and rigor that only math can provide to answer the age old question:

Is it worth it?

The final part of the series assumes you have read the previous two books. This book takes all the knowledge you have gained on performing in-depth analysis and super-charges it. Statistical models of housing prices and rents, as well as sensitivity and risk analysis are all covered. This final entry in the series will round out your education and put you well on the way to knowing how to invest in real estate using mathematics.

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