The Mathematics of Real Estate Investing: Property Analysis

Book Description
Real estate moguls know something that you don't. Real estate invseting is not about "falling in love with the place". It is not about "gut feelings" or intuition. The secret to being successful in real estate is simple:

Cold. Hard. Numbers.

The Mathematics of Real Estate Investing series ditches sketcky schemes and doesn't spout false strategies. Instead it gives you the precision and rigor that only math can provide to answer the age old question:

Is it worth it?

Part two of the series dives into the ever-important nitty-gritty. Learn about pro-forma statements and what it actually means for your investment portfolio. Learn to forecast your potential property by taking into account a host of variables while making sure you hit key investment ratios.

This book is the perfect followup to The Mathematics of Real Estate Investing: Foundations. It takes what we established there and builds on it to make you a person who can make decisions using in-depth analysis to back up your actions.

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